Anxious about an upcoming blind date? There’s no need. Here are a few blind date ideas and tips listed below. No nail-biting required…

Select a Secure Location

You should always choose a well-lit and public place as the meeting point. Do not let him pick you up from your location. Let your family know about your blind date and location in case there is any problem. Maybe the person does not have any harmful intentions. But remember, precaution is always better than regret later. A coffee house is always a better place to meet with your blind date partner.

Be Realistic and Don’t Dream!

Try to think and be realistic about your blind date. It is not always possible that you meet someone whom you have dreamt to be perfect or your prince charming. So be ready for any reality. Expectations should be kept simple; being realistic is most important.

Don’t Rush, Just Keep the Date Normal & Fun  

Keep your date fun, enjoyable, non-serious, and interesting enough. Start your conversation with any general topics like hobbies, work, life. Do not discuss something serious that may result in controversies.

Don’t Talk Much, Do Listen to Him too

Talk but also listen to your date. It will show your respect and politeness. Always try to be yourself. Even if the date does not go well, do not leave your date with empty promises. Let him know what went wrong and why you do not want to meet him or her for the second time. You should always follow your own instincts to judge your date partner.

Don’t Talk About Exes (Yours or Theirs)

Past relationships don’t make great conversations for first dates, and blind dates and internet dates are no exceptions. Again, this might seem obvious, but it happens. Nothing makes people more uncomfortable than reminding them others have been where they are.

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