A dream, drums and dedication are just a few of the things essential to Amadeus’s successful career in the music industry.

In an industry that is said to be worth wild being a part of, Amadeus catapulted his career as an award-winning producer for over 90 artists and drummer/music director for the most talented Trey Songz. Blessed to have turned his passion into a lifestyle, Amadeus lets us into his 18-year career in the music industry and shares what it takes to survive in it.

It was during the 4th grade when he found the beat to his own drum. Falling in love with the instrument, made it clear for him to determine what he wanted to be when he grew up. However, during his high school years, he discovered productions, the overseeing of sound recording and music production of a band’s/performer’s music. Not knowing how to make a living from productions, he just knew in his spirit he would make it there one way or another.

Luckily for him, his foot was only two steps away from walking through the door. Knowing someone in the music industry gave him the opportunity to visit an actual studio. From then on, he dedicated time in the studio shadowing other producers. Although he was in the studio learning new skills, he knew he had to do more to make people remember his name.

“I met a lot of people and networked with everybody. Made sure I made connections to stay in touch with them all.” And he did just that! After years of successful connections and grinding, Amadeus received his first placement with Foxy Brown when she signed to Def Jam.

“My song was actually featured in the soundtrack and played in the movie. The soundtrack actually sold 500,000 copies and I received my first gold plaque for selling that many copies.” With such a great start in his career, Amadeus went on to challenge himself even further.

When working with the rapper Mike Jones on a song, he met Trey Songz. “Trey” came to the studio, in Houston. I was on the drum-set in the corner and I mentioned to both of them that I played drums and they started laughing. I told Trey if you’re going to be a true RB artist you’re going to need a band so when that time comes hit me up. About a year later, I got a phone call from his manager at the time asking me was I ready to put the band together.” 12 years later he is still rocking out!

“A memorable moment in my career would have to be creating the theme song for ESPN’s first taped show. A lot of the music played during the ESPN sports show is my music.” With such a remarkable ac­complishment, a lot of knowledge stemmed from his experiences. “You could write songs and not get credited properly. I had to figure out things the right way to make sure my business was being taken care of.”

Considerably, remaining genuine and relevant in the industry is one really im­portant lesson he shared with me – “just realizing that anything could change at any moment”. That’s why it’s important to stay focused and most importantly appreciate the time you have with people.”

Aside from his music, Amadeus also educates the youth on the music industry by encouraging them to be passionate with what they spend their time doing. What’s next for Amadeus? He said “I know there’s a book in me, I’m not a writer so through the channels, I’ve experienced and all the knowledge I have, I want to share my journey with the world.”

Until then, you could find Amadeus rocking out behind the drums in Trey Songz band and at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas playing the drums.

– Photos: Mike Kirschbaum IG: @MikeKPhotos


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